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About Unfold UI

Unfold UI is a free to attend UI focused community event, organized by ThoughtWorks. We are bunch of passionate developers operating with the latest frontend technologies. Our goal is to bring frontend developers from all across the industry together, to share learnings and knowledge, grow our professional networks and more importantly have fun.

Content from our first edition

We had our first edition on 11th August, 2018.

Stay tuned to hear more on our upcoming event in another city close to you.


Why is the conference free?
We at ThoughtWorks believe in sharing knowledge. Most of our tech community events and conferences, including this one, are free of cost to participate.

I'm not from UI background, can I attend?
Yes! Please do. You can evaluate how these front-end technologies affect your area of work. We believe we can learn something from your views too.

Should I bring my laptop along?
If you plan to attend the hands-on workshop, please make sure you bring your own.

I have a topic I’d like to talk about/ share at the event. How do I go about it?
Super! We would be glad to have you speak at our event. Please drop us an email and we’ll get in touch with you.

Venue & Contact

Office: ThoughtWorks, Pune, India

Phones: +91 20 4105 7863
+91 20 4105 7878

Email:[email protected]